Maison Forestière

This beautiful house nearby Privas was built in 1820 and is surrounded by green hills and forest. We provide bed and breakfast.

The house was originally a maison forestière: a foresters and hunting lodge. It was built in 1820 by the Catholic church as a hunting lodge. Many surrounding forests are owned by the Catholic Church. The foresters maintained the woodland and controlled the amount of game. Many notables mainly from Lyon came hunting here. The house nearby used to be part of the estate. The hunting dogs were kept there.

Maison Forestière has four guest rooms, a dining room and a lounge. The house is surrounded by a large garden where you can enjoy the sun or shade. If the weather permits it you can have your breakfast or dinner served outside.

A well shaded terrace on the firste floor overlooks a part of the garden and is a pleasant place to sit.